Oct 18, 2011

LEAST SHOCKING NEWS OF THE DAY! Hasbro & Paramount Want To Inflict More Transformers On The Public

After the last Transformers flick earned an official metric crapload of cash at the box office this summer, it is of absolutely no surprise that the powers that be at Paramount and Hasbro are looking to keep this franchise alive and kicking through the next decade by filming parts four and five all at once.  While Michael Bay has stated in no uncertain terms that he's done directing giant robot battles, look for him to sit back and collect a sizable paycheck as a producer.

Ehren Kruger will continue the scripting duties from Dark Of The Moon (which was a definite improvement over Rise Of The Fallen, but then again lupus is an improvement over bubonic plague, so that ain't sayin' much) but we've yet to hear who might take over for Bay in the director's chair.  It also seems doubtful that we'll see a return of The Shia and Paramount looks sweet on Jason Statham of all people to take over the franchise.  Honestly, handing the franchise over to a proven action commodity like Statham seems more in line with the vision that Bay and the studio always seemed to have for this franchise anyway.

We're still a long way off from any real progress here, but I expect we'll be seeing Optimus Prime back in theaters by 2015 at least...probably sooner.

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