Oct 17, 2011

HEY AMAZON! I Want A Locker Too!

My future wife hates to go out shopping in malls and retail stores, so we make a lot of purchases online and most of those purchases come from Amazon. Since moving into our downtown apartment we've had fairly decent luck when it comes to receiving packages; while nothing has been lost (yet!), we have gotten boned by the Post Office a few times. I'm sure you're familiar with this scenario: walking downstairs to get the mail on a Saturday only to find that the mail carrier left you a notice instead of your actual package, thus depriving you of anticipated new toys and whatnot despite the fact that you were HOME THE WHOLE TIME. Or perhaps you come home after a long day of work expecting to find a new box of DVDs only to find that your box is actually being held hostage at your local USPS branch because there was no one home to sign the release. Needless to say, this blows. While the convenience of home delivery is hard to argue against, there are certainly a few loopholes that lead to nothing but frustration and annoyance.

But now Amazon's got the solution to all your package delivery woes! The online retail giant has started installing special lockers in 7-Elevens and other local convenience stores, allowing you to have your package delivered there instead of your home. They're essentially PO boxes, so you punch in your access code and now you can pick up your package a time when the post office is most likely closed. I love it! I want to be able to walk down to the corner at midnight and grab an ice cream sundae cone and that copy of Knight Rider Season One that I ordered last week.

Amazon has already deployed their lockers (pictured above) in Seattle, London and, as of this weekend, New York City. Come on Amazon, show Boston some love!

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