Oct 19, 2011

Your Mission, Mr. Wayne, Should You Choose To Accept It...

Despite complaints by some that it was merely a big screen rehash of the Alias pilot, I quite enjoyed the last Mission: Impossible movie.  I thought Abrams brought a lot of fun and energy to the proceedings and smartly focused on the team aspect of the franchise instead of making it about Tom Cruise's awe inspiring haircut.  Word has it that Brad Bird (The Incredibles) has knocked part four out of the park, which is doubly impressive considering it's his first live-action feature.

But if that's not enough to get you into the theater, how does six minutes of The Dark Knight Rises sound to you?

Way back in 2007, Warners attached the opening Joker bank robbery scene from The Dark Knight to IMAX prints of the Will Smith vs. zombies movie I Am Legend.  They must have been happy with the results because according to the kids at /Film they're fixing to do the same with Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol.  No word on exactly what we'll be seeing.  Perhaps a completed scene, perhaps an extended promo (ala the Dragon Tattoo reel that made the rounds last month) or perhaps a short "in-between" piece that sets the stage for the events of TDKR.  (/Film refers to the footage as a "prologue", which sounds like Option C.)  I know Nolan and friends shot a lot more IMAX footage for their third Batfilm, so I'm really excited to see what they've pulled off.

Moreover, this is happening soon!  Ghost Protocol hits theaters on December 21, but it'll play exclusively in IMAX five days earlier on December 16.  The Dark Knight Rises prologue will only play on IMAX anyway, so you might as well take advantage of the early release.  I certainly will.

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