Dec 19, 2012

After The PAIN & GAIN Trailer, We'll All Go Camping

Here's the trailer for Michael Bay's latest, Pain & Gain, a movie which most of the internet has dubbed "the Coen Brothers on steroids."  Personally I think it's hard to compare to the Coens when your color palate and lighting levels are so incredibly over-saturated and every third shot is a low angle, tracking "hero" shot.  Then again, there are no giant robots, no incomprehensible military jargon, and the humor doesn't sound completely tone deaf, so comparatively it's practically Barton Fink.

The true story sees bodybuilders Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and future Captain America superfriend Anthony Mackie attempting to kidnap a local gangster (the always fantastic Tony Shaloub) in order to make a quick fortune in ransom.  Suffice it to say, things go downhill from there.

In two years when we're all complaining about the sure-to-be-unfortunate Transformers 4, we can point to Pain & Gain as the pebble that helped start an avalanche of terrible.

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