Jan 4, 2013

EVIL DEAD Remake Trailer Spills BUCKETS Of Blood

NOTE: Before you watch the trailer below, you can head to and use your webcam to record your reaction while watching, then upload it to the web...if you're into that sort of thing.  Honestly, I would have but I watched this in my cubicle and I figured I'd get interrupted before I got through the whole thing.  I was right.

Horror is far from my favorite genre, mostly because I tend to find most horror films to be fairly repetitive.  However, there are a few choice gems that have seriously struck my fancy over the years, and Sam Raimi has had a hand in most of them.  The trilogy of Evil Dead films is pretty much sacred to me, and the most encouraging aspect of Fede Alvarez's impending remake is the talent involved, specifically the presence of both Raimi and Bruce Campbell as producers and a script by Diablo Cody.

I'll be honest: the idea of an Evil Dead movie sans Ash seems preposterous on the face of it.  The premise of the first movie is one of the most basic in the history of the genre; a group of young, good looking folks encounter evil and are massacred while spending a weekend at a creepy cabin in the woods.  That setup has been so endlessly riffed on (never better than in the aptly-named and downright brilliant Cabin In The Woods) that there seems to be no particularly good reason to involve the Necronomicon, the dead lady under the floor and the evil rape-trees other than to capitalize on sheer brand recognition.

Keeping that in mind, it's hard not be impressed by that trailer.  Say what you want, but as a piece of marketing, well, it certainly doesn't pull its punches.  The sheer volume of desecration and putrid bodily fluids is fairly staggering and I'm really hoping that this is just a taste of what we'll get this April.  Up until recently I was fairly ambivalent on this movie.  I'm not completely sold that it'll live up to the franchise's impressive legacy, but now I'm definitely intrigued enough to go out of my way to see if Raimi and Alvarez can pull off a horrifying magic trick.

Evil Dead hits theaters April 12th.


  1. as long as an army of darkness eventually follows, I'm game.

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