Sep 7, 2012

YOUR DAILY TIMESUCK: Klondike Flavor Chamber Of Destruction

These days we watch just as much of our movies and sitcoms online as we do on our televisions.  The accepted price for this convenience has been streaming advertisements, most of which are pretty terrible.  But today, while watching a Key & Peele video (That show is funnier than you think it is.) I stumbled upon what is easily the best online ad I've ever seen.

Prepare to enter...The Klondike Flavor Chamber!

I don't know who came up with the idea of filming the destruction of frozen ice cream treats in super slow-motion, but that person deserves a goddamn medal.

Some of these are amazing, including wood chipper, moustrap, weed wacker and, unsurprisingly, liquid nitrogen.  Oh yeah, and M-80 firecracker of course.  "Kitten" was a major disappointment, although I have to wonder how they got the little furball to land precisely on the ice cream.  Covered in catnip?  Or did they just toss the kitty in that general direction and hope for the best?  Also, what's with the creepy rubber hand they used for "Slap?"

I'm a little disappointed at how often they used Choco Tacos over actual Klondike bars.  I guess sales must be down...

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