Sep 5, 2012

Before Sunrise Trilogy Is Complete!

My love for Richard Linklater's Before Sunrise and Before Sunset is well documented.  They are incredible character studies which almost entirely eschew plot in favor of a rich, emotional examination of love, hope, regret and the intricate dance that takes place between all three of those concepts over the course of our lives.

Nine years passed between the release of Sunrise and Sunset, and now, as we approach another nine years, Deadline reports that Linklater, Hawke and Delpy have just wrapped production on a third film in the now trilogy, and we even have a title! Before Midnight, which has a nice sense of finality to it.  Little is known about the film itself; in fact nobody ever really confirmed that it was filming in the first place until it was all over.  We do, however, know the film's setting: Messinia, Greece.  Having recently returned from Greece on my honeymoon, I can assure you that Jesse and Celine will once again have some marvelous and charming sites to wander through while they grapple with the nature of their complicated romance nearly two decades after they first met on a train ride through Vienna.  Are they together?  Separated?  What happened when Jesse (presumably) missed his flight from Paris?

We'll find out in 2013.

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