Oct 11, 2011

TRAILER OF THE DAY! Avengers Assembled In HD Glory!

Head over to Apple to check out the newly released Avengers trailer, which I have sadly not been able to figure out how to embed here.  (I'm a content guy, not a programmer, so my skills are somewhat limited.)

Go ahead.  I'll wait right here...

Welcome back.

While the song choice leaves a lot to be desired (apparently the Avengers have traveled back in time to 1998!) and there's still no sign of Loki's evil cohorts, this is still a pretty great set up to what is easily THE event movie of next summer.

There's plenty of destruction on display, giving me hope that we'll finally be seeing superheroes engaged in a seriously large scale adventure against a truly global menace.  And I hope you like your heroes of the wise-crackin' persuasion, because there's plenty of Whedon-style verbal sparring amongst Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

I like the dynamic they seem to be setting up between Steve Rodgers and Tony Stark, and while I understand the inclination to lean on Downey Jr. in the promos, I just hope this doesn't turn into Iron Man & Friends.

That being said, the last bit with Stark and Banner kills me.

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