Oct 4, 2011

CALM DOWN INTERNET: Arrested Development Movie Still A Long Way Off

So I know I'm a day late on this, but yesterday was more than a little bit hectic 'round these parts and I've still got an hour before Apple's iPhone event starts, (unintentional rhyming, fuck yeah!) so let's jump right in.

Fans of Mitch Hurwitz's acclaimed yet short-lived comedy Arrested Development are both legion and vocal.  They've been clamoring for the show to return in some form since more or less the moment Fox cancelled it.  Don't believe me?  Track down any interview with Jason Bateman, Michael Cera, Will Arnett or David Cross from the last five years and I can garantee you that there's a question about Arrested Development.  And these poor sods, trying not to disappoint their fans, always say something along the lines of "Yeah, I'd love to do a movie."  Without fail, these statements somehow morph into, "OMG Jason Bateman said the AD movie is DEFINITELY happening!!  They start shooting next year FOR REALZ!"  The fanbase has therefore become overly cautious when some website decides to run such a story.

Then, Sunday night, the internet EXPLODED, as the New Yorker held a live panel discussion with Hurwitz and the cast.  The question of reviving the show came up again, but this time Hurwitz offered up a very specific game plan and even dropped a few names.  Hurwitz laid out the details for EW, saying he's developing a nine or ten episode series where each episode would focus on a specific member of the Bluth family, showing us where they are and what they've been up to since we left them.  The whole series (potentially to be produced and aired by Netflix and Showtime) would essentially be a setup for an Arrested Development movie.

Here's the thing:  While it's nice to hear that Hurwitz has got a roadmap that he's happy with and that there's some sort of discussion with the powers necessary to actually make this sort of thing happen, there's still a LOT of unfinished business to be worked out between Fox and whoever decides they want to pick up the check, assuming that someone does actually want to.  The limited-series-into-a-movie plan is ambitious to say the least and certainly not a proven concept.  Just ask (Arrested Development producer/narrator) Ron Howard.  And let's not discount the nightmare of scheduling.  Look at that cast list one more time: Arnett is starring in a somewhat successful new sitcom, Bateman's got a different movie in theaters seemingly every other week...this is in no way a done deal.

And I know that no one wants to talk about this, but are we REALLY SURE we want Arrested Development to come back?  I love that show and will watch it any time it's put in front of me, but after being gone so long...aren't we just setting ourselves up for disappointment?  I mean, there's no way a series/movie would be as good as it once was.


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