Sep 14, 2011

TRAILER OF THE DAY! Cameron Crowe Bought A Zoo

I am an unabashed fan of Cameron Crowe, although his most popular/successful movie (Jerry McGuire) is probably my least favorite.  Crowe got beat up pretty hard for his Elizabethtown, so I can't blame him for being largely absent for the last six years.  Now he's back with We Bought A Zoo and he's got Matt Damon in tow:

People criticized Elizabethtown for its blatant emotional manipulation and somewhat unhinged romance between Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst, but that's part of what I enjoy so much about the movie.  It's not a realistic portrayal of romance, but it is an idealized one, the kind of romance that people long for.  It's not the world as it is, but as we wish it to be.  I bring this up because I feel like the story of a man and his children who impulsively buy and move into an abandoned zoo probably exists in the same emotional realm.  I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing, but I might be alone in that opinion.

Anyway, the cast is great and I'm excited to see what Crowe has cooked up for us.

One a sidenote, I'd like to point out that within a matter of weeks you'll be able to go to a theater and see this Matt Damon:

as well as this Matt Damon.

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  1. But you can already see this version of Matt Damon: