Sep 13, 2011

GOON Is A Lesson How Not To Cut A Trailer

I think Goon might actually be a flick worth watching, although you'd never know it from this first trailer:

God that was awkward.

Seriously, it feels as if every other line of dialogue either starts or gets cut off mid-sentence.  Best case scenario: the awkward editing is due to a profanity-laden script that's ill-suited for a trailer.  More likely, this thing was cut by someone with high-school level editing skills.

Still, on its face, this is a movie full of likable elements: a hockey movie written by Jay Baruchel and starring Sean William Scott and Liev Schreiber as players who are only on the ice to pummel their opposition.  And I can't help but love that title, even if it does make me wish I was watching this instead.

Goon could prove to be an excellent warm-up to Kevin Smith's two-part hockey opus Hit Somebody, which Smith claims will be his last film.  I have my doubts.


  1. I think I missed the bad editing, because all I was thinking was, "Is that the drummer from Sex Bob-omb? It is the drummer from Sex Bob-omb! Hey I know this song!" I think I may have ADHD. Please send help.

  2. heh. mediocre trailer, but damn, do i want to see this movie. look at liev with that mullet and stache. GLORIOUS.

  3. The Goon comic movie needs to come out yesterday.