Sep 14, 2011

MOVIE NEWSABLES: Star Trek, Ghostbusters, Expendables and Remake City

Consider this a test flight for a new feature, Newsables.  Think of it like Lunchables, a collection of bite-sized news items that are all interesting, but don't really contain enough details to warrant their own articles.  Let's do this.

  • J.J. Abrams has confirmed, both to Vulture and to Entertainment Weekly, that he will definitely be returning to the director's chair for the next installment of Star Trek.  While the principle cast members are all returning, the script is still unfinished and there are no plot details yet.  He directed the crap out of the first movie, hopefully the script will be a little tighter this time out.
  • Highlander is a really cool idea that was very poorly executed...twice.  I therefore have no real problem with the impending remake scripted by Iron Man scribe's Art Marcum and Matt Holloway.  Juan Carlos Fresnadillo has come on board to direct, which might be good in that it means he probably won't be able to direct the remake of The Crow.  Fresnadillo is best known for directing the largely forgettable 28 Weeks Later.
  • Also getting remade?  Point Break.  This time the gang of bank robbers will be extreme sports junkies instead of merely surfers.  Honestly, who cares?  There's nothing particularly novel about the concept here, the only thing that makes it stand out is the dynamic between Keanu and Swayze, and obviously they're not coming back again.  So what's the point?
  • Finally, following the news that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis will be returning for larger roles in Expendables 2, Sylvester Stallone has confirmed that Jean-Claude Van Damme and Chuck Norris will both be appearing as well.  JCVD will reportedly have a sizable showdown with Stallone.  Norris will probably crap out a baby unicorn and melt off Mickey Rourke's face by looking at him cross-eyed.

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