Sep 21, 2011

Terminator Vapor-Movies Lose Their Director

Director Justin Lin had a huge hit with this past summer's Fast Five, so it was logical that the studio would be anxious to churn out another tale of Vin Diesel and Paul Walker disobeying traffic laws.  As a result, Lin was recently forced to drop out of the impending Highlander remake (and was eventually replaced by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo) due to scheduling conflicts.

Those same scheduling conflicts have reared their head again, and Lin has now jumped ship from the theoretical Terminator sequels.  I say "theoretical" because, so far, the only tangible development has been Megan Ellison purchasing the franchise rights for a song at Cannes.  Arnold Schwarzenegger has agreed to come in board in...some capacity, but at present, Ellison doesn't even have a writer for the proposed pair of flicks, let alone an actual screenplay.  Now, without a director, my doubts are beginning to seriously mount that this terrible idea will ever actually manifest itself in theaters.

Is it possible?  Could we actually dodge this liquid-metal bullet after all?

Here's hoping.

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