Sep 15, 2011

TRAILER OF THE DAY! The Pig With The Froggy Tattoo

Last night I went to a screening of Moneyball and got treated to an 8 minute sneak peak at Fincher's take on The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.  I haven't read the book or seen the original Danish flick so I'm walking in with absolutely no clue as to the plot, but I love the work that Fincher's doing right now he's assembled a hell of a cast.  The preview really established all the characters and laid out the multi-layered mystery in great detail without giving too much away.  When it was over, I turned to a friend and said "That looks complicated as hell in the most interesting way possible."

I'm therefore more than a little tickled at the latest parody trailer for The Muppets, spoofing that great first Dragon Tattoo trailer.  This thing is packed to the rafters with hilarity, practically hurling the jokes at you fast and furiously.  We also get our first glimpses at some of the film's many, many cameos, so I guess that warrants the most minor of all spoiler warnings.  There's really nothing I don't absolutely love about this.

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