Sep 28, 2011

Catwoman Is Fully Clothed, Has Practical Ears

Alright, this is a few days late I know, but it's been a somewhat exhausting week for no particular reason.  As averse as I am to run grainy set photos, I found the revelation below to be pretty damn cool.

Here's the long ago revealed first photo of Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman astride the Batpod.

Crazy goggles, no?  Now check out the below shot of her in full costume.

Get it?  When she's not using the goggles, she flips them up onto her head and they look like cat ears!  No crazy nine lives curse, no cat tail, no fingertip claws...honestly, I dig it.  It actually reminds me of the various Catwomen who faced off against Adam West and Burt Ward.  Okay yeah, those heels are more than a little impractical, but I'm sure Nolan won't be fixating the camera on her stilettos, even they're even on-camera at all.  (I'm wondering if they're essentially just lifts to make her taller around her castmates, but then again audiences don't really seem to be bothered by woman running and fighting in heels.)

This costume feels like it fits effortlessly into the already established Nolan Bat-verse.  She doesn't have crazy cat powers, she's not dressed in feline form, she's just (presumably) a cat burglar who's added a touch of wordplay to her gear.  I'd love to see her as a female counterweight to Batman, someone who's just as badass but whose moral compass is a tad askew.

Also, Anne Hathaway in skintight black leather is not an unpleasing sight.

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