Sep 29, 2011

AVERT YOUR EYES: Photoshop Hates The Avengers

Or, more accurately, Entertainment Weekly's hack cover designers hate The Avengers:


Seriously, what's the over/under for how long this cover took to assemble?  25 minutes?

Never before has it been so clear that all of these heroes...are standing in different rooms!  Can someone explain to me how Scarlett Johansson ended up front and center?  Downey Jr. looks like he might fall out of the frame at any moment...AND WHAT THE HELL IS RUFFALO DOING WITH HIS FACE?  He looks like your creepy uncle who hangs around the local college bar trying to pick up girls half his age.

I will never understand Entertainment Weekly for as long as I live.  Only they can dedicate their cover to what is easily the biggest superhero movie of all time and make it look this boring.

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