Aug 16, 2011

Non-Spoiling Food: We're Gonna Need A Bigger Fridge...


Learn it, love it, eat it.

While studying digestive organisms, microbiologists in Minnesota have discovered a naturally occurring preservative which they believe can be utilized to increase the shelf life of most foodstuffs, including meat, dairy, eggs and fish.  And I don't mean you can get an extra week out of that deli cheese.  We're talking months, or maybe even years.  Yeah.

This isn't just a matter of convenience.  Aside from keeping your food fresh, bisin also keeps bacteria at bay, dangerous stuff like E. coli, salmonella and listeria.  That means this little sounds-like-delicious-buffalo-meat-but-isn't substance could potentially prevent thousands of cases of food poisoning and even death.  There are some other side benefits as well, like pregnant women being able to eat soft cheeses danger-free.  (This is a sizable concern to some, like my fiance.  And no, Mom, we're not planning on a shotgun wedding.)

I'd think would drive up membership at wholesale stores like Costo and BJ's, as one could now buy food in bulk without worrying about having to throw half of it away before getting the chance to eat it.  Then again, it might also mean less frequent shopping, so who knows.

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  1. If/when I am pregnant in the future, I will eat ALL THE BRIE!