Aug 17, 2011

Turn Your Bike Into A Tron-esque Light Cycle

I recently joined a bike sharing program that just launched here in Boston.  It's kinda great.  There are bike hubs spread throughout the city, making it easy for me to grab a bike and drop it off pretty close to wherever I happen to be going.  (Fortunately for me, there are hubs literally right outside both my apartment and my office, making my daily commute a far more enjoyable experience.)  I've even taken a few late-night rides, as each bike is equipped with flashing lights to warn passing motorists of your presence on the road.

However, some dinky reflectors don't hold a candle to these Revolights.  Kent Frankovich has brought the concept of automobile headlights and taillights to the bicycle by adding a series of bright LEDs to both the front and rear tires.  When the tires spin, the lights shine forward and backward, not only making you more visible on the road, but also lighting the path in front of you.  Plus, it looks awesome.

revolights. join the revolution. from revolights on Vimeo.

Get more info here at Revolights or donate to to the project's Kickstarter page here.  If I were an actual bike owner instead of just a renter, I would add these to my wheels without hesitation.

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