Aug 23, 2011

Muppets Invade OK Go's Music Videography

Obviously the return of the Muppets to movie theaters across the land is reason enough to celebrate, but we've been fortunate enough to get all sorts of sweet side benefits to boot.  Last week NPR was gracious enough to give us a listen to the new Muppets Green Album in its entirety (and we're all better people for it).

Today we've got the rather brilliant music video for what is probably my favorite track on the album: OK Go's cover of The Muppet Show theme song.  And, since this is OK Go we're talking about, they really went to town here, allowing our favorite fuzzy friends to invade some of the band's most famous videos of days past.

Some my my favorite moments include Waldorf and Statler watching cat videos, the Muppets puppeteering the band members, double-cucumber eyes and "Come back Bunny!"  Is it too much to ask for a whole series of other Muppet-infused videos to go along with this album?  If not, we'll have to make do revisiting this little gem from our friends at Weezer...

(Sidenote: If nothing else, we should all be grateful that the HD Era brought about the death of the 4:3 aspect ratio.  YIKES is that jarring.  It's like watching clips from '80s NBA games full of dudes wearing tiny, tiny shorts.)

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