Aug 23, 2011

Intel Writes Their Own Sci-Fi Future

Science fiction has always set the bar when it comes to technological innovation.  Futuristic books and movies have provided countless examples of inspiration for DIY inventors and technology corporations alike, not to mention us simple dreamers sitting in a darkened theater, awaiting the day when we'll have transporters and hoverboards of our very own.

It seems Intel got sick of waiting for Hollywood to tell them what to build next.  They've sponsored The Tomorrow Project, which aims to look at the future through the lens of new and emerging technology.  The project is already yielding results, specifically an anthology of technology-centric short stories from acclaimed sci-fi writers Douglas Rushkoff, Ray Hammond, Scarlet Thomas and Markus Heitz.  The entire collection is currently available as a free download right here, along with a few interviews, podcasts, etc.

I haven't read through them yet, but I give Intel credit for at least creating an interesting platform for discussion, as well as new creative works.  I can't wait to see what other voices and influences they're able to bring on board over time, along with any new content they're able to generate.

Props to my buddy Ryan (@ArchitectureMNP) for the heads up.

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