Jul 25, 2011

Building A Better Mousetrap...For Toothpaste

If you ever find yourself in the position to visit a design school or, even better, go to an end-of-the-semester showcase, don't hesitate.  You will inevitably find incredibly cool concepts and models for everything from future cars, to smarter designs for everyday household objects.  Case in point: SavePaste, an incredibly cool and simple redesign of the standard tube of toothpaste.

SavePaste gets a number of things right.  First of all, it eliminates the need for extra packaging, selling you a cardboard tube directly.  Not only does it also feature a space-saving design, but it actually allows you to utilize ALL the toothpaste in the tube, eliminating the need for extra folding, rolling, squeezing, and various other forms of toothpaste origami.  And, of course, it folds flat when empty and is ready to be recycled.

Sadly SavePaste is still only a design concept, but I'm holding out hope that it appears in my local CVS while I've still got teeth to brush.  Click it here for all the details.

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