Jul 25, 2011

Avengers Assembled In Watercolor

Now this is more like it.

Here we have our first look at the fully assembled Avengers, albeit in painted form.  Marvel actually released these images piecemeal over the course of Comic-Con weekend, naturally saving Hulk for last.  Aside from featuring Cobie Smulders from prominently than I would have expected (which is to say, she's present at all) I curious about the supporting characters featured in the backgrounds, characters like Odin and Pepper Potts.  I wonder if they'll factor into the story at all.  (Seeing as Loki is one of the main villains, I wouldn't be surprised if Odin made a one-eyed appearance as well.)

Not only is this our first glimpse of this iteration of the Hulk, but it's also our first preview at Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye as well as Captain America's new modern-day suit.  Hawkeye looks pretty spiffy, very simple and grounded to be sure.  (As opposed to this other costume, which I really can't believe would've translated well into reality.)  As far as Cap's suit...I'm reserving judgement until I can actually see it on a human and in motion.  While it certainly seems to be in line with the modern interpretations of suited heroes like Spiderman and Batman, there's something about that sort of rubs me the wrong way.  It almost feels too sleek and streamlined, certainly compared to his WWII suit with all it's extra straps and separate pads and pieces.  That said, while I love that uniform, it probably would look out of place in a modern context, i.e. when standing next to Iron Man.

Click the image above to to make it all big a pretty.  Now, when are we gonna get that Avengers teaser trailer online in HD?

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