Feb 5, 2013

VIDEO OF THE DAY! An Explanation Of JURASSIC PARK's Dragon Curve Fractals

This video was practically tailor made for me.

When I was in middle school, I poured over all of Michael Crichton's novels.  My favorite was Sphere, a much better book than it was a movie.  I guess that makes it kind of the opposite of Jurassic Park.  As you'll recall, Jeff Goldblum's character of Dr. Ian Malcom was a student of chaos theory, a subject I studied at some length in high school.  It's pretty fascinating stuff, focused on small changes having tremendous impacts on larger, seemingly random systems like global weather patterns.  It's typically summed up in what's commonly referred to as The Butterfly Effect, which proved beyond all question that Ashton Kutcher is not a credible dramatic lead.

Anyway, this video features mathematician Rob Eastaway explaining the progression of the fractal designs scattered throughout the Jurassic Park novel, something I had kind of forgotten about until now.  It's pretty simple and straightforward, but awesome nonetheless.  Plus it's got a cool dinosaur toy.

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