Feb 25, 2013

THE EYES HAVE IT! Spidey Tweaks His Wardrobe

I rewatched Marc Webb's Amazing Spider-Man while I was cruising around the Bahamas last week and most of my original complaints and compliments still rang true: while it generally looks good and the roles are all very well cast, the story seriously suffers from a disjointed script and the absolute hack job that took place in the editing room.  I literally spent half the movie counting storylines and plot points that, having seen it already, I knew would not be resolved later.  It's an extremely frustrating watch because I really WANT to like the movie, but it just flat out doesn't work.

But all those problems feel totally fixable!  There's a tremendous opportunity for Webb's sequel to surpass its predecessor by a very wide margin.  They're seriously expanding the cast this time around, adding Shailene Woodley as Mary Jane Watson, Dane DeHaan as Harry Osbourne, Jamie Foxx as Electro, Felicity Jones as  an unnamed character that may or may not be Felicia Hardy and Paul Giamatti as THE GODDAMN RHINO.  While I'm wary of having two or maybe even three villains muddying the waters, at this point I'm just hoping that they've got a script that makes even the vaguest of sense.

Principle photography has already begun on Amazing Spider-Man 2 (fix that...) and before your Twitter feed fills up with cell phone shots of web-headed stuntmen, Sony has released the above pic of Peter Parker's slightly redesigned suit to the folks at  For your reference, below is a shot of Andrew Garfield's suit from the last movie as well as Toby McGuire's suit from Raimi's last effort.

Gone are his narrow Oakley eye goggles, (peripheral vision much?) having been replaced with seriously over-sized white eyes.  I really dig the rounded look, although the sheer size reminds me of some of the sillier drawn versions of the character where his eyes basically took up his entire face.  While I don't have strong feelings about raised vs recessed webbing, I do appreciate the bolder, more classic-looking chest logo.  It's hard to tell from this shot, but it also looks like they've cut back on the blue and upped the amount red overall.

Expect lots of grainy fully body shots in the coming weeks.

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