Feb 27, 2013

Chris Cooper Is Your New Norman Osborn

Marc Webb is trying REALLY HARD to convince me that Amazing Spider-Man 2 (seriously, fix that) will not be the same kind of cinematic car wreck as its predecessor.

It's totally working.

The Hollywood Reporter is hollywood reporting that Chris Cooper will play Norman Osborn.  That is simply delightful news.  I liked Raimi's casting of Willem Dafoe, but felt that there was something lacking in the character's execution.  Mostly it's the mask.  The main reason Doctor Octopus comes across as such a better villain is because his face can actually demonstrate emotion.  Thusly, Green Goblin feels like a character truly worth revisiting.

But don't expect gliders and pumpkin bombs galore just yet.  This movie's already got two classic Spidey villains in Electro and The Godddamn Rhino so I don't expect we'll see Cooper turn to the dark side until the next film.  But Norman Osborn's presence here was inevitable; keeping him off screen but constantly talked about the last time felt like yet another layer of unnecessary mystery and bringing in Harry Osborn without his father would have felt even stranger.  That said, I expect Cooper to have a relatively small role this time out, especially considering the late hour of the casting announcement.

Webb's assembled an absolute juggernaut of a cast, so hopefully the script will actually live up to the talent assembled.  My biggest fear at this point is that between two villains, two love interests, establishing the Osborns for part three and finally getting around to the mysterious death of Peter's parents (ugh), this story is already feeling CROWDED.

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