Jan 11, 2013

Affleck Goes Back To The Lehane Well For LIVE BY NIGHT

Yesterday was an emotional day for Ben Affleck.

First thing in the morning (hell, probably while he was asleep) the nominations for the 85th Annual Academy Awards were announced and while Affleck's latest film Argo got plenty of love, including a Best Picture nomination, Affleck himself was snubbed for a Best Direction nod.  (He's in good company with Kathryn Bigelow and Quentin Tarantino.)  However, later that night he snagged not only the Critic's Choice Award for Directing, but also for Best Picture.  I'm curious to see if that will hold any weight with Academy voters.  Barring an upset at the Golden Globes (which is always batshit crazy anyway) I feel like Lincoln will probably run the Oscar table.

Before the show last night, Affleck spoke to MTV on the red carpet and confirmed that his next film will be Live By Night, based on the Dennis Lehane novel about the son of a Boston cop who gets involved with organized crime during the 1920s.  Sounds good to me.  I like the idea of Affleck pushing his boundaries a bit with a legit period piece (Argo is period but it's set in the late 70's, an era that he actually lived through) and his first directing job Gone Baby Gone already proved that he's an excellent fit for Lehane's style.

Actually, Gone Baby Gone was the first studio film he directed.  A quick look at his IMDB page shows he directed a 16 minute comedy in 1993 called I Killed My Lesbian Wife, Hung Her On A Meat Hook, And Now I Have A Three Picture Deal At Disney.  Seriously.  That credit has been listed there for years, long after he became famous but before he remade himself as a top shelf director.

Someone find me that tape STAT!

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