Dec 10, 2012

Watch SNL's Funniest Sketch In Weeks: Dylan McDermott Or Dermot Mulroney

Like a kidnap victim suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, I continue to watch Saturday Night Live every week, even if I do tend to watch it Sunday morning with the liberal use of my fast-forward button.  It's a shame because, while there are a slew of new cast members still trying to find their footing this year, Bill Hader and Taran Killam are consistently turning out hilarious performances.  (Expect to see lots more of Killam as Jason Sudeikis fades into the background to focus on features.  I'm more than okay with this.)

Weekend Update is really the only consistently funny thing left at this point, but the bits based on fake game shows tend to have a pretty good batting average.  This week's episode featured two, and while "Bitch, What's The Answer" was only moderately amusing, the game of "Dylan McDermott Or Dermot Mulroney" had me in hysterics the whole time.

Watching it, I was instantly reminded of one of my other favorite SNL game show routines, "What Is Burn Notice?"

Overall I found host Jamie Foxx to be all over the place, appearing in many scenes to be seeing his lines for the first time.  It's a shame because the forgotten truth about Foxx is that he started in comedy with the second greatest sketch comedy show of my lifetime, In Living Color.

Next week's host is former SNL cast member Martin Short, with musical guest Paul McCartney, so here's hoping for some Ed Grimley.

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