Dec 7, 2012

Kevin Smith's Last Hurrah Will Be Clerks 3

Upon reflection, Kevin Smith is a filmmaker who I seem to have grown out of over the years.  In high school I enjoyed his work immensely; in college, less so.  Now?  Red State has been sitting in my Netflix queue for months and I just can't seem to muster up the interest to actually watch the damn thing.  Then again, Smith seems to have essentially lost interest in making movies these days.  He seems content to focus his energies on podcasting, speaking tours, and his AMC show Comic Book Men, not the mention the New Jersey comic shop the show centers on.

Smith's been promising for a while that he only had one more film left in him, the epic hockey tale Hit Somebody, which was set to span the course of two movies.  However, funding complications forced Smith the whittle the story down to a single film, much to Smith's frustration.  In fact, he announced earlier this week that, rather than lose so much of the story he'd been working on for so long, he's gone totally back to the drawing board.  Hit Somebody will now be completely re-imagined as a television mini-series, I'm assuming also for AMC.

But, Smith still plans to make one more movie, so why not go back to the well one more time?  Thus, we'll be "treated" to Clerks 3, revisiting Dante and Randall in their forties.  I assume at least one of them (likely Dante, depending on Rosario Dawson's availability) will be married with kids by now, meaning we'll surely get plenty of adolescent cursing.

Smith gets plenty of hate online these days, but I'm afraid the most I can muster is indifference.  In all likelihood I'll see Clerks 3, if only to for the chance to revisit my old sophomoric self.  I may even wade into the sure-to-be-overlong Hit Somebody, if only because I love hockey movies.  (Seriously, go watch Goon.  It's fantastic.)  But I doubt I'll be shedding too many tears over the end of Smith's directing career.

Besides, I'm sure we'll be seeing plenty of Smith on TV, Twitter and your local college campus.

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