Sep 27, 2012

IDENTITY THIEF Trailer Makes Me Fear For Bateman's Career

You guys, I'm worried about Jason Bateman.

The trailer for his new movie Identity Thief not only looks tepid at best, but Bateman looks downright bored on camera.  I know he's got Arrested Development rising from the ashes next year and we all hope it'll be as funny as it once was, but it feels like he's about five minutes away from turning into a circa 2003 Ben Stiller, i.e. stuck playing the straight man in a series of mediocre comedies.  (Remember Duplex, Envy, or Along Came Polly?  Don't worry, nobody else does either.)  At this rate it's only a matter of time before he ends up starring in a rebooted Night At The Museum franchise.  Seriously.

Director Seth Gordon previously teamed up with Bateman in the great Horrible Bosses, and of course he also gave us the incredible King Of Kong: A Fistful Of Quarters, but he also helmed the middling Four Christmases, so his value here feels like a wash.  Meanwhile, Melissa McCarthy is an undeniable comic talent, all evidence from this trailer to the contrary.  They really seem to be leaning on that throat punching gag, so hopefully this character has something more going for it than a terrible haircut, loud patterned shirts and a hatred for jugulars.

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