Sep 25, 2012

Get Animated With Latest LOOPER Trailer

Rian Johnson's latest film Looper hits theaters this weekend and if you're not already bouncing with anticipation, you should probably check your pulse.  Johnson is batting a thousand so far, with a resume that includes the charming Brothers Bloom and the phenomenal Brick (also starring omnipresent talent Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and the advanced word on his latest time-travel adventure has been overwhelmingly positive.  It pretty much blew the doors off the place in Toronto earlier this month, prompting an avalanche of supportive tweets that cranked my jealousy quotient off the scale.

So consider this the cherry on top of the temporal sundae: a quick animated trailer comprised mostly of images that have been heavily featured in the various trailers and TV spots to date.  The artwork is by Rian's brother Zachary Johnson, who also created this fantastic one sheet for the film.

Normally I avoid trailers this close to a release date, but the impressionistic nature of the artwork makes this feel remarkably spoiler-free. (For those who'd rather watch an actual trailer, I'm told that they've actually kept a fair amount of material clear of the marketing, which seems like a small miracle.)  Of course, I realized last night that I'll be in the wilderness of Vermont all weekend, so I'll have to find a time to sneak in a screening before or after I head into the trees.

In case you couldn't tell, I''m a wee bit excited for this one.

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