Aug 1, 2012

"I'm Walking (Dead) Here!" AMC Sends Zombies Into NYC

There have been a number of recent spats between various networks and cable providers which have led to everyday paying customers being deprived of their favorite channels and programming.  Earlier this year we saw DirectTV drop NBC in some markets (including Boston) and they're currently on the verge of fisticuffs with Viacom, which owns channels like MTV and Comedy Central.  Hell, at one point during the height of Linsanity, New Yorkers couldn't even watch Knicks games because of a dispute between Time Warner and MSG.  Now DISH Network has dropped all AMC networks, citing the channels' excessive fees; AMC claims that the decision instead centers around "a lawsuit involving an old and unrelated business venture."  The Emmy-nominated cable channel decided to fight back.

So they sent zombies into downtown New York.

In a move that can best be described as one part guerilla protest, one part marketing ploy, the network had some of the make-up artists from their hit show The Walking Dead go to work on some willing volunteers, and then sent them lurching around the sidewalks of NYC to hilarious effect:

The reactions from downtown pedestrians play exactly as I'd expect from most New Yorkers: a mix of genuine terror and semi-amused nonchalance.  As great as it is to see the undead shambling into an unsuspecting crowd, I kind of love the zombies who are writing parking tickets, driving taxis, carrying shopping bags...just going about their normal day.  They can't be bothered to eat brains when there's a sale at Saks!

The Walking Dead returns to (most) TVs just in time for Halloween.  For more info on AMC's kerfuffle with DISH Network, check out AMC's site

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