Aug 1, 2012

Al Franken Gives Tom Davis A Senatorial Eulogy

Tom Davis was a comedy giant.  He was one of the original writers for Saturday Night Live, along with his longtime writing partner Al Franken.  Davis wrote the infamous Julia Child sketch, he created the Coneheads, and he co-wrote one of my favorite movies of all time, Trading Places.  (He and Franken cameo as the spaced out baggage handlers who are left in charge of transporting a gorilla.)

Davis passed away on July 19, 2012 from head and neck cancer.  Franken, now the senator from Minnesota, eulogized Davis on the Senate floor last week, including an excerpt from a recent essay by Davis called The Dark Side Of Death.  The video above is a bit long but very sweet.

Below are some of highlights of Davis's incredible body of work.

The infamous Julia Child sketch.

Here, Downey is the kid that Jimmy Carter talks down from a bad acid trip.

Bill Murray as Nick The Lounge Singer, with musical accompaniment by Paul Shaffer.

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