Jan 6, 2012

WATCH THIS NOW: Amazing Star Trek Blu-Rays

I don't care if you're a Star Trek fan or not, you MUST watch this clip for the upcoming Star Trek: The Next Generation blu-rays.  The difference between what aired back in the early 90s and what we'll be getting later this's astounding:

Booooo to Entertainment Weekly for not making the clip embeddable!  Click it here instead!

Talk about jaw-dropping.  The original Star Trek series got a similar treatment a few years ago, complete with updated effects and while there was a lot of effort to recreate the style of the 1960s model work, the digital recreations still feel a bit out of place.  What we see here, when the Farpoint creature drifts up from the planet's about seamless.

Here's a little background: The series was originally shot on film (as were the effects), then transferred to video tape for broadcast purposes.  In order to get the best possible transfer, editors went back to the original film reels, re-edited the episodes from scratch, and transferred them into digital high definition, along with newly rendered effects work.  Talk about thorough work.

Paramount will release a sort of teaser disc at the end of this month (available for pre-order here!) containing the fan favorite episodes Encounter At Farpoint, The Inner Light and Sins Of The Father.  Individual seasons will be released on blu-ray throughout the year.  You can bet your ass I'll be adding these to my collection.

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