Jan 18, 2012

TRAILER OF THE DAY! Will Ferrell Goes Full Mexican

I love everything about this:

A subtitled Spanish-language film starring Will Ferrell as a Mexican rancher?  Brilliant.  This is why I love Will Ferrell, because he gets these crazy, low-budget ideas and then makes them happen for no particular reason other than BECAUSE HE CAN.

Don't believe me?  Check out these recent ads he made for Old Milwaukee beer.  Keep in mind, he was never approached by Old Milwaukee.  He just got an idea, shot them, and took no money.  These things actually aired in Davenport, Iowa, where Old Milwaukee is made.

Anyway, I'm pretty damn psyched about Casa De Mi Padre.  It hasn't really gotten a lot of widespread attention out fact I've only seen trailers online.  Granted the flick doesn't hit theaters till March, but I'm all for spreading the word early.  Even if this thing falls flat (which is more than a little bit possible) I'm always happy to support talent when they really want to go out on a limb.  It helps keep everyone else honest.

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