Aug 26, 2011

TRAILER OF THE DAY! Johnny Depp Returns To Bat Country In The Rum Diary!

We've been waiting for some time to get a look at The Rum Diary, the long finished quasi-follow-up to Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas featuring Johnny Depp's reprisal of his brilliant version of Hunter S. Thompson.  The movie has been sitting on a shelf seemingly for ages, leading more than a few to speculate that this go round may fall short of expectations.  Check out the trailer below.  (Apologies for the autoplay...stupid Entertainment Tonight embed...)

Depp actually looks somewhat subdued here, but that may just be due to a lack of LSD-fueled hallucinations.  It's certainly a helluva cast, featuring Aaron Eckhart doing his classic "smarmy rich guy" schtick and the always great Richard Jenkins in a funny hairpiece.  Plus there's no arguing with the smoking hotness that is Amber Heard.  The flick looks lush and tropical and there are enough amusing bits in this trailer (I love the car gag at the end) that my interest is officially piqued.  Here's hoping.

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