Aug 26, 2011

FUND THIS: Cineskates Make Your Camerawork Smooth As Silk

I love Kickstarter.  It's one of those sites that, the first time you hear about it, you immediately think, "Ohhhh, THIS is what the internet was built for."  Are you someone who's got some disposable income and some time to kill?  Spend a few hours (and a few dollars) on Kickstarter and make the dreams of some smart young innovator (or an entire city) a reality.  Chances are they'll throw you a finished product in appreciation.  Cineskates is one such product:

Having engaged in more than my fair share of cinematography over the years, I can attest that attempting to fake a smooth dolly move always produces a disappointing result, as evidenced by the pool table footage sampled above.  GorillaPods are one of the handiest, most versatile tools available for a budding young filmmaker and attaching skate wheels seems like such a natural progression that I'm amazed we haven't seen it before.  What I love most is the simplicity and versatility of design here, and clearly there are plenty of people out there who agree, as they blew their fundraising goal out of the water within a day.

Anyone got $150?  I want one.

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