Aug 29, 2011

Hunger Games Teaser Was Shot For $12 In Someone's Backyard

There are people out there who really love the trilogy of Hunger Games books.  (I know, I live with one.) However, despite what those vocal proponents might claim, the young adult series has not had the widespread financial success of it's vampiric or wizarding brethren.  Nonetheless, with the recent conclusion of Harry Potter and the sun setting on Twilight, (sorry, couldn't help myself) every studio is looking for the next YA fantasy goldmine and Lionsgate is betting on Hunger Games.

The film is currently shooting in North Carolina and a slew of casting announcements over the summer caused a lot of excitement within the extremely vocal online fan community.  Entertainment Weekly did a sizable spread, giving the faithful their first glimpse of some of their favorite characters and last night MTV premiered the teaser during their much ballyhooed VMAs.

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Am I crazy or is Lionsgate totally dropping the ball here?  From what I've been told, Hunger Games is actually an incredibly exciting and hyper-violent series of books, essentially a post-apocalyptic, televised Battle Royale.  That sounds awesome!  Too bad we don't get any of that here.  Instead we've got pictures of people standing around blankly, some extremely vague voiceover, and a girl running through the woods with a bow and arrow, shooting at a logo that's essentially meaningless to the majority of the audience.  Also, it looks like something my little brother shot in the woods behind my house.  It looks cheap, and that's never a promising sign when you've got a fair amount of world building to do.

Seriously, this is supposed to get us excited?  This is the next blockbuster film franchise?  I still have absolutely no idea what's going on, who these people are or what sort of world they inhabit.  (Is it the past?  The future?  An alternate present?  WHO KNOWS!)  Lionsgate has a fair amount of educating to do if they really want to sell people on this thing and right now all they're doing is preaching to the converted.  In fact, I'm not even sure they're preaching that well.  I know some of you loyal readers are already fans...does this teaser do anything for you?  Because to me, it looks like a boring, live-action version of the teaser for Pixar's Brave...


  1. I actually like it more the more I watch it. My only current complaint is that Hemsworth sounds a little blank. But that could be my bias talking.

    You know what else had a vague voice over and was little more than just a logo? This teaser:

    The difference is, obviously, people knew what the logo meant and who the Joker was. But this teaser was clearly never for anyone who isn't already a fan. The trailer will be, but this seems evidently designed to get the fans pumped up. You only close the VMAs with it if you know it's anticipated which means they were playing to the people anticipating it, not newbies.

    Also, if the books sound so awesome, but the movie doesn't look that appealing to you, maybe you should read the books. Just sayin.

  2. Read the books before passing judgement, Daley.

  3. I knew going in that the teaser wasn't going to reveal a lot, but I have to admit I was bored....until she busted out the bow and arrows. Woah. Those two seconds made it all worth it. And why does Lionsgate HAVE to hook people who are not already fans?! They just have to give us little hints and teases and sit back while the rabid fans hook everyone else for them.

    I third the sentiment Daley - READ THE BOOKS! At least the first one. Do it for research!

  4. Read the books first... Or you won't catch the subtleties hidden in the TEASER trailer.