Aug 29, 2011

David Bowie Teaches Kids About Space Oddities

My fiancee is currently in grad school and studying children's literature, so suffice it to say there are a lot of picture books and young adult novels strewn around our apartment at any given moment.  This one is by far the coolest one I've seen yet.

Artist Andrew Kolb has created a rich and stylized picture book based on David Bowie's classic tune Space Oddity.  The song has a fairly straightforward storyline that easily lends itself to adaptation, but the illustrations really do go to infinity and beyond.

The book is not for sale...but is available as a free download!  I just finished flipping through the pages while listening to Bowie's track and it really plays quite beautifully.  Kolb's creation feels perfectly suited for a tablet and not only will it give you an excuse to expose your kids to Bowie, but they'll get to learn about a time long ago when we used to launch men into space and reach for the stars.

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