Aug 15, 2011


The recent loss of Dennis Hopper was a tragic one.  While he certainly wasn't a young man, he was experiencing a bit of a renaissance at the time of his passing and I always felt that he had a few more great performances left in him.  The man had a singularly manic yet heartfelt energy that you just don't see much these days.

But all over Los Angeles are billboards declaring that Hopper has risen!

Okay, not really.  Before he died, Hopper collaborated with Vans on a line of sneakers and apparel based on some of his favorite artwork.  Hopper was a TREMENDOUS art enthusiast, just one of the many facets of a complex man.  I think this campaign is kinda great and I wish there were some of these signs out here on the east coast.

Would I wear Hopper-designed kicks?  Hells yes.  Can't wait to see how this stuff turns out.

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  1. he's buried in Taos, you know!