Aug 5, 2011

First Image Of Selina Kyle Underwhelms

Am I crazy, or is Warner Brothers totally dropping the ball here?

Other than that great one sheet image, it feels like the WB marketing team is trying to dramatically lower the bar for expectations here.  In a way that's not entirely surprising, seeing as The Dark Knight is the third highest grossing domestic film of all time.  But on the other hand, releasing mediocre images of your new characters really just leaves a sour taste in my mouth for a movie that I'm absolutely going to see anyway.  My expectations are already sky high based solely on the quality of the previous films, and since the whole band is back together again, I have no reason not to expect that same level of greatness.  (Granted the same could be said of Spider-Man 3 and we all know how that turned out.)  I don't want to walk into Dark Knight Rises with a feeling of skepticism, but WB doesn't seem to care what I want.

Anyway, here we've got the first official image of Selina Kyle, complete with crazy goggles and what I can only assume is a soon-to-be-stolen Batpod.  (Click to embiggen.)  It's important to note that Nolan and co have only ever referred to Hathaway's character as Selina Kyle and I've yet to see the word Catwoman appear in any Nolan interview or press release.  (Anne Hathaway, however, has repeatedly said, "I'm playing Catwoman.")  So I guess they're trying something different with Kyle, de-emphasizing the whole "I think I'm part feline" psychosis that is usually associated with the character and focusing instead on Kyle as a cat burglar.  To be honest, that actually fits a little better in the Gotham they've created, but I would think that even a burglar would want to hide her features a little better than just a pair of BluBlockers.  I feel like this is not the complete version of Kyle's Cat-wardrobe, but that still begs the question, "Why make this your first reveal of the character?"

Fortunately I have more faith in Nolan's filmmaking skills than in Warner Brothers' marketing skills.

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  1. Compare the above pic to the latest Catwoman comics (see, e.g.

    The emphasis in the comics is on more realistic, practical outfits. NOT Halle Berry. Think Black Widow in the Iron Man movies.

    The pic is not too far off, other than the goggles and lack of a headpiece/helmet (and on a bike? How dangerous).