Jul 28, 2011

One More Reason To Hate Airlines

We often hear conservative Republicans expounding upon the virtues of tax cuts.  According to these economic geniuses (who, for the record, have now led the country to the brink of financial catastrophe twice in the last fours) taxes are a terrible burden placed upon industry, and if we cut taxes, businesses can pass those savings on to consumers, who are therefore more likely to spend their hard-earned cash.

Nothing like a little dose of reality to shine through the bullshit.

See, about a week ago, Congress failed to pass legislation to continue funding the FAA.  That means that consumers have not ben paying taxes on any air travel that was booked since Saturday.  Analysts estimate that the average savings should be about $25-$50 dollars on an average flight.

What's that?  You say you booked a flight this week and the price wasn't any cheaper?  Huh.  That's weird.  Oh wait, I remember!  That's because airlines simply raised their prices to make up the difference and they're pocketing the profits.

That's inexcusable.  This kind of nonsense is why people hate air travel.  That and charging me an extra $50 because I dared to bring luggage on the plane.

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