Jul 28, 2011

OK Go Makes Words With Feet

Who says music videos are dead?  Seems rockers and internet darlings OK Go didn't get that memo.  Aside from producing some pretty tunes, they've also masterminded some of the most clever video accompaniment I've ever seen.  From their treadmill beginnings, to their Rube Goldberg contraptions, to multi-colored timelapse, if there's a YouTube clip from OK Go, it never disappoints.  Fuck it, they should just stop producing albums, focus on innovative videos, and embrace what they really are at this point: the best performance artists of the past decade.

For their latest creation "All Is Not Lost," they teamed up with the folks behind Google Chrome and brought us the next logical step: an interactive web music video.  This Chrome experiment will allow you to type in a message and have it spelled out by the band in the video.  Click it here to try it out (gotta be using Google Chrome) or just watch the video itself below.

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