Jul 27, 2011

Emma Stone Joins The Gangster Squad

Emma Stone is pretty great.  In fact, she's one of very few performers who really never disappoints.  Even if she's in a smaller role or a subpar movie, the girl has never failed to stand out and it's not just because of her usually-ginger locks.  Easy A was a great showcase for her (and a surprisingly clever movie all the way around, so much so that I'm almost willing to go see director Will Gluckman's followup Friends With Benefits...almost.) and I'm happy to see her getting a shot in bigger projects like The Amazing Spider-Man.

According to THR, Stone is negotiating to join The Gangster Squad, the first dramatic turn for director Ruben Fleischer, who worked with Stone previously in his breakout hit ZombielandGangster Squad is a semi-true story about a group of LA cops who try to drive out the east coast organized crime in the 1940s and '50s.  The project already had a killer cast, including Josh Brolin, Sean Penn, Ryan Gosling, Michael Pena, and Giovanni Ribisi.  Stone will play a woman who gets involved with a good cop played by Gosling and legendary crime boss Mickey Cohen (Penn).

Stone can currently be seen in both Crazy, Stupid, Love and Friends With Benefits, while Fleischer has 30 Minutes Or Less hitting theaters on August 12.  My review of that flick (which I quite liked) is coming soon.

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