Jul 27, 2011

Battleship Has A Trailer

I think Peter Berg's adaptation of the classic boardgame Battleship probably took the right approach.  They essentially just draped a pre-established brand over a completely unrelated idea for a movie that also takes place on the water, adding in a few design elements that echo back to the gameplaying experience, i.e. ordinance that looks like the little white and red pegs.  Sure, some of us may have imagined that we were facing off against an alien armada, but I don't remember a version of Battleship with flying alien crafts.  Then again, taking that kind of liberty with the story is probably wise, as the boardgame itself really has no story.  (Sidenote: it still boggles my mind that Hugh Jackman's boxing robot movie Reel Steel never got co-opted and turned into a Rock 'Em, Sock'em Robots movie.  Seriously, how did that not happen?  If it had, I'd already have my ticket.)

That being said, while I like Peter Berg and I think he can shoot the hell out of an action scene, I find myself uninspired by this trailer.  Maybe it's because, other than Liam Neeson, the cast feels like a collection of TV stars trying to prove themselves on the big screen.  Maybe I'm just burnt out on "US Armed Forces repel mysterious alien fleet" movies, which, for anyone who knows me, is really saying something about the state of Hollywood.  Take a look.

I'm willing to give this a little leeway and hope it develops into something that looks like it has more of a pulse and not just a collection of scenes from Armageddon, Battle LA and Transformers.  For now...I'm skeptical.


  1. epic crap. this should have been a cold war suspense movie. or a china v. america war suspense movie. or or -- the real or -- it should have never been made. basing a feature length action film off of a board game (and a shitty one at that)? there's not even enough words of proper cynicism in the english language for me to properly express how terrible this looks.

  2. Sadly, this is just the first of the board game movies. Just grafting a well-known name on a crappy script to get people interested.

    I'm having flashbacks to the "I, Robot" movie. The screenplay was originally called "Hardwired," but it was changed when the rights to "I, Robot" became available. Ugh.

    I feel the most sorry to Taylor Kitsch. Between this, Gambit, and John Carter (which I'm undecided on), he could quickly have three strikes against him. Poor Tim Riggins.