Feb 13, 2013

Behold Olly Moss's Incredible Oscar Statues

Olly Moss, one of the incredibly talented Mondo artists, has brought forth unto the world this incredible poster featuring everyone's favorite little golden man striking a dramatic pose for every Best Picture winner through the years.

There are a million things to love here.  Click here to see all the posters individually.  They smartly displayed each image with and without the movie's title so you can try to prove your Oscar knowledge.  I've included some of the best below.  While some are fairly obvious, e.g. American Beauty's rose petals, (I would've included a floating plastic bag) others are fiendishly clever.  I love the simplicity of Rain Man, while The Hurt Locker makes Oscar look like an adorable badass.  Crash illustrates perfectly how that movie is about nothing more than heavy-handed white guilt.  My favorite though is easily A Beautiful Mind, despite thinking that movie is kind of rubbish.

Some of them feature characters wearing shirts and no pants, which makes Oscar look super creepy.

The 85th Annual Academy Awards are handed out on February 24th.

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