Dec 11, 2012

Lone Ranger Theatrical Trailer...Is A Trailer.

I still don't know what to make of Disney's big screen version of the Lone Ranger.  They seem to be going out of their way to connect the dots with the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise, (The skull and crossbones with no words is such an odd choice.) although the tone seems a little all over the place.  The stark, color-drained palate and the ragged, dusty production design is a great choice for an old-school western, but then you've got Johnny Depp spouting one-liners and a horse in a tree.

At least Armie Hammer actually speaking in this trailer.  I still say he's a great choice for the character, and at this point I'm more curious to see how his relationship with Depp plays out.  There was early word that this Lone Ranger would essentially be a dumb, good-looking guy while Tonto would be the real brains of the operation, similar to Michel Gondry's take on The Green Hornet.  I don't really see that in this footage, but who knows?

I seem incapable of processing any thoughts about this movie without the constant reminder that, at one point, it was going to feature mystical Native American werewolves.  Now I'm honestly starting to wonder if that might not have been more fun.  (I know, I hate myself for just for typing that sentence.)

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