Oct 3, 2012

Disney's LONE RANGER Trailer Is Thankfully Werewolf-Free

I'm not sure which is more ridiculous, that headline or the actual necessity of that headline.

As you may recall, Disney had previously halted production of their Lone Ranger adaptation, citing a $250 million price tag due largely to the presence of Native American-inspired werewolves.  Eventually they pared down the budget and ditched the lupine element and now we've got our first look at former Josh Pence-facial-surrogate Armie Hammer as the titular masked hero.

I'll say this much: Gore Verbinski certainly knows how to spend money.  It looks like we're gonna see every penny  of that "smaller" budget on screen next year.  Also, a whole lot of Depp.  Seriously, I know it's just a teaser but it seems weird not to hear one word out of the title character while you're trying to set up a franchise.

To be honest, this trailer doesn't really do anything for me either way.  I'm surprised at just how unremarkable (good or bad) the footage really is.  Yeah it looks polished, but at the moment I kind of don't care.

This feels like a Teflon movie.

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