Aug 2, 2012

Mjolnir vs Sonic Screwdriver! Thor To Be Menaced By The Ninth Doctor

Shortly after Comic Con I mentioned that Mads Mikkelsen had abandoned his unnamed villain role in Marvel's upcoming Thor: The Dark World in favor of some fava beans and a nice chianti, i.e. taking on the mantle of Anthony Hopkins in NBC's upcoming series Hannibal.  (Sidenote: that series just picked up the marvelous Caroline Dhavernas, veteran of Bryan Fuller's quickly and tragically cancelled series Wonderfalls. Happy to see her getting some work these days.)

Well fear not, fans of the thunder god, because Mikkelsen has been replaced in the form of Christopher Eccleston.  The erstwhile Doctor Who has signed on to play the now confirmed role of Malekith The Accursed,* who is the lord of the dark race of elves.  It's probably a safe bet that Marvel plans to give him the Frank Gorshin paint job.  As delighted as I am to see Eccleston land such a marquee role (I can't believe he's not a household name by now.) I'm far more excited at the prospect of a Thor film that won't be bogged down in boring SHIELD crap.

The first movie spent WAY too much time on Earth and really felt like it's entire function was just to help set the stage for The Avengers, which was a real shame considering that Thor didn't exactly have a huge fan base to start.  But Hemsworth is entertaining as hell and I think public opinion of the character is much higher in the wake of The Avengers massive success.

Now let's see him and his warrior pals kicking ass across the Nine Realms.  Leave the humans out of it.

*Wasn't he also Malekith The Butch?  (And there's your Ghostbusters quote of the day.)

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