Jul 13, 2012

"Frankenweenie" Homage Trailer Is Brilliant

There's a lot of good buzz coming off yesterday's Frankenweenie panel at Comic Con.  The word is that Tim Burton's latest foray into stop-motion is a true to return to form for the suburban-gothic director, which makes sense as the tale of a resurrected pooch is actually a feature adaptation of his own short film from almost 30 years ago.  Now Disney's released the following trailer, which should really be the only trailer to play in a theater from this point on:

I love the quotation marks around Frankenweenie and the grandiosity of those title cards.  Plus the music...I hope we get a good taste of it in the finished film.  I can't wait to get a look at some of the other revived pets, most of whom serve as nods to other classic Universal monsters.  (I particularly like the idea of the invisible goldfish.)  This is officially my most anticipated movie of the Halloween season.

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