Sep 22, 2011

TRAILER OF THE DAY! More Dragon Tattoo-ey Goodness

I believe I mentioned that I recently got a peek at the eight minute long promo for Fincher's The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.  While it went to great lengths to introduce the major players and set up the central mystery, I really walked away marveling at the violently bleak footage and the performances that look to be legendary.  (I'm looking at you Rooney Mara.)

Sony just released an almost four minute trailer which covers most of the same ground and it's still pretty damn impressive.  Again, I haven't read this book and have yet to see the Danish Swedish films (thanks Eric), but right now I'll pretty much show up wherever David Fincher tells me to.  Poor Columbia hasn't won a Best Picture in decades and they got totally hosed last year with The Social Network.  Maybe Dragon Tattoo can turn it around for them...


  1. 1)The originals were Swedish.
    2)They had legendary performances.
    3)This movie feels unnecessary b/c the originals were so good.
    4)But dammit, the people involved are so good.
    5)I'll probably see it anyway.
    6)Getting off soapbox.

  2. Hm. This preview actually gives me doubts. Makes the movie seem less subtle than the original film.

  3. I'm with Eric. The originals are unreal, but I'll be lined up first to see Fincher dominate. I have the first on DVD for you to compare.